Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Please read these Refund Policy carefully before using Our Service.n

We will only charge for the Services we have provided to you. is committed to highest quality standard of services. This means that we will clearly communicate with our clients, the cost for the services and the process to facilitate payment of fees. will review and process all written requests for refunds.

At we would like to avoid the need or ever having to consider a refund. However, we are always aiming to be as transparent in our representation as possible. So, we encourage our clients to ask their questions or communicate their concerns to us immediately upon receiving the contract with the terms & conditions. We will then try to answer or address these queries or concerns immediately.

Within thirty (30) days of receipt of written request for refund, we will send a written response granting the request, denying the request or requesting more information. The decision as to the response remains completely at the discretion of

In case the refund request is accepted, the approved amount will be communicated to client in writing and upon acceptance in writing by the client, it will be processed within fifteen (15) working days. The Mode of refund shall be the same as the mode of payment by the client, e.g. if payment was made by credit card, the refund shall be sent back to that particular credit card and if the payment was made by bank account, the refund shall be sent to the same account from which the payment was made.

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