Management Consultancy


CFO Services

Our partners have almost two decades of experience over various corporates & across different sectors and positions, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses. Under CFO Services vertical, we typically take full charge of duties as the Company’s CFO/Head of Finance by taking complete ownership of responsibilities attached. We provide a blend of onsite and offsite service.

We facilitate external CFO Services on a part-time and project basis to aid the business for achieving desired results by :

  • Setting up of Insightful MIS Reporting
  • Implementing ERP / automation tools
  • Setting up Corporate & Financial Governance with checks and balances
  • Improve Cash Flow through efficient working capital management and inventory optimization
  • Enforcing various Compliances with applicable laws and regulations
  • Setting up of cost optimisation measures to ensure maximum profitability
  • Automation of various business process so as to generate insightful reports
  • Liaison with auditors, bankers, rating agencies etc

Business Transformation

Our focus is to aid businesses predominantly through financial turnaround & recovery by identifying & addressing the root cause of the issue. We first aim to stabilize the cash flows, find the root cause of the issue and then implement corrective solutions to stabilize the business to function on its own.

  • Assessment and identification of various problems and implementing corrective solutions
  • Cost optimization through cost reduction and/or downsizing
  • Refinancing and structuring of existing debt
  • Revenue and margin optimization
  • Re-look at the long term business strategy and implementing a new business plan

Corporate / Transaction Advisory

Support the businesses to evaluate proposed transactions by providing them thorough insights and advise for them to make informed decisions.

The various services we provide are:

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Deal Negotiations and Structuring
  • Assisting in post Transaction formalities


  • Is your business facing slow down ?
  • Are your profit margins under stress or Business is already in a loss?
  • Are you hit by high inventory levels and receivables ? Consequently leading to delayed vendor payments!
  • Are you facing Cash crunch due to one or more reasons listed above which is accentuating your problems?

Introducing Cashathon, a product conceptualized & created by professionals with over two decades of business finance experience, whereby we can optimize your business expenses by up to 20% of your Monthly Mortality Rate.

This is a highly customized product catering to your specific business problems where the product matrix is KRA driven wherein goals & results are tracked and first set of results start appearing within 7-10 days of inception.

Success stories

  • A dairy manufacturing startup was facing business losses since inception, after we intervened, within 10 days the company reduced expenses by over 10% and within a month, the company became gross margin positive. The company is now on track to become EBITDA positive in the next 12 months.
  • A Series A funded Tech startup was staring at a dead end on its funds position, the funds were good enough for 3 months and Series B funding was at least 6 months away. After intervening, we successfully increased the funds runway by another 6 months by reducing Opex costs by 10% and improving working capital cycle by reducing Average Collections Period by 30%.

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